Purses and Wallets

I love to shop myself, so I take trips to Downtown LA at least 4 times a year to buy the most up to date purses and wallets, as well as costume jewelry. I like to find whatever the trends are and keep up with the latest in fashion.

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CandleWhen I opened my shop , I always have candles burning, and my clients would often inquire as to the wonderful smell in the room. So i have since started carrying my favorite candles, which are made right here in Hayden, Idaho. Stephens’ Candlery makes candles that are so fragrant, the ones that smell like cookies have people thinking I have been out there baking. Stephens CandleryCandel

Organic Dog Treats

Dogs to me are some of the best”people” that I know. I often end up having long conversations about peoples favorite pet.I have a special client that has brought me her dog treats for my dogs every appointment for the last couple years. She has her own business, and makes them herself. They use only organic, people-quality ingredients.Never any salt, sugar, colors or presevatives. She has a website at Libbysbestdogbakery.com.



Come try out new healthy dark Chocolates!

Hair Products and Styling Aids

I carry products for all hair types, and all occasions. I have Redken, big sexy hair, Aquage, AG, Tigi, Bedhead, Abba, and Phitenbella (Yuko).